Songs And Celebrations To Go With Prayer

It seems simple to imagine singing songs about the Christian god or Jesus but have you ever noticed that songs about deity’s exist in every religion. Buddhists who chant are chanting ancient songs of peace in an attempt to calm their mind. Muslims sing songs of prayer every day to Allah. Jews sing songs every Friday to celebrate Shabbot and at almost every religious celebration.

Why is it that these two things go so well together? Often times people sing songs to make them feel good or happy inside. To mix the idea of feeling good with religion may be one reason. People think their various religions calm them, make them peaceful, make them a better person and give them hope. Nowadays wedding bands in Melbourne provide such music. Mixing those feelings with the joy of hearing music may very well be one of the main reasons why music and religion has mixed so much in our short history.

Another theory is that some people respond better to music than the written or spoken word. Religion tries to reach as many people as possible, by using different avenues of approach, from the holy books of our time, the Qur’an, the Bible, the Upanishads, all of these are written in a way that will captivate a certain type of person. At the same time, there are many who don’t use reading as a means of gathering information. For those types of people, religion fell upon the idea of music and poetry to reach them.

Perhaps than, it was less a matter of why people put music and religion together than it was natural that music and religion go together. Throughout history no two mediums of communication have been prevalent in our lives than music and religion. As stated earlier, before the ability to write, before the ability to speak, music had existed. Offerings to what we can only assume were gods or higher powers were made in the form of meat and vegetable sacrafices by our prehistoric ancestors.

All things considered, if it’s true that music and religion existed in some form before the spoken word. Before we, as a species, were able to communicate the ideas of god to each other through words and writing and if we truly understand these concepts naturally, as if they’re an integral part of ourselves than maybe music and religion aren’t naturally pinned together, maybe they’re naturally pinned to ourselves as humans. If that’s the case, if music and religion are both naturally a part of our souls, perhaps we should stop considering them separate and start viewing them as a pair. Religion can take us to heights our mind can only dream but for many, music can do the same.

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